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All Haircuts + Blowouts include an aromatherapy Shoulder, Neck, and
Scalp Massage Sensory Journey, as well as an in depth consultation to discover your goals and needs based on your individual lifestyle.

Haircut + Finish              $67-$97

Men                                     $28-$52

Children Under 11              $25-$46

Shampoo + Blowout        $30-$52

Bang Trim                            $15-$23


Neckline + Ear Cleanup    $15-$23



Color Treatments


Partial Foil      $78-$116

Partial Foil is standard highlights, the partial being applied from the front of the scalp to the midsection (or crown) of the back of the scalp.

Full Foil            $98-$138

Full Foil is standard highlights, Full Foil includes the entire head; ideal for contrasting, blonding, and multi-dimensional color.

Baby Lights/ Mini Foil        $35-$70
Baby Lights are ideal for creating contrast in Single Process color treatments, soft highlights, or sun-kissed peek-a-boos for all hair color types.

Single Process Color     $50-$80
Single Process Color is one color, ideal for regrowth touch up, and scalp to ends application.

Partial Color      $30-$55
Partial Color is color applied to regrowth located around the perimeter + partline + cowlicks to cover new growth; ideal for maintenance in between full color treatments to extend time and cost between visits.

Base Bump Treatment      $35-$60
Base Bump is a 15 minute color treatment applied at the shampoo bowl to break up dark natural regrowth to create a brighter blonde, or a lived in lighter color.

Color Balancing Treatment   $30

Color Balancing Treatments are glosses and toners that add or remove wanted/unwanted tones, as well as refresh color and shine; ideal for nearly all hair color types.

Full Balayage+Balancing Treatment     $111-$168
Balayage+Glossing Treatment is a highlighting and tonal balancing treatment where lightening is focused on the ends to create a soft, lived in look; ideal for lower maintenance goals.​

Express Color        $35-$60
Express Color Treatment is a no commitment color treatment that allows you to go 1-3 shades darker in 20 minutes without compromising the natural melanin of your hair, and fades out in 8 weeks; ideal for first time color guests not ready for commitment, or wanting maintenance and damage free darker color.

Color Correction    $100 per hour

Color Correction includes a major reconstructive change in going lighter or darker.  Because of time, product, and special care involved, this service is charged by the hour.  Consultations are recommended for timing purposes.

Hair and Scalp Therapy Treatments

insert text about scalp and therapy treatments


Botanical Repair Therapy Treatment        $28

Our signature botanical repair™ professional treatment instantly transforms dry, damaged hair into stronger, softer visibly smoother and shiner hair in just one treatment.  Color-treated hair gets 5x stronger* with botanical repair™ color treatment which helps repair damage and strenghten three key layers in just one visit.  Vegan, plant-powered, cruelty free and 93% naturally derived.* The NEW botanical repair™ professional treatment builds bonds in hair with plant molecules, not synthetics. 

Dry Remedy Botanical Therapy Treatment    $28

Dry Remedy Botanical Hair Therapy Treatments are nature's remedy for dry or damaged hair. Our pro treatments improve damaged or dry hair by 84%. Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates strands to give your hair a healthy boost. Five minutes is all it takes — add botanical therapy repair treatment when you book your next haircut or color. 

Scalp Solutions Scalp Exfoliating Treatment   $25

This Scalp Exfoliating Treatment deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp to exfoliate build up, and help instantly balance sebum levels. Treat your scalp like skin—because it is. Cleanse it gently for beautiful hair.

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Powermix Treament   $28

Powermix Color:  8 weeks of Color protection from fading, 6 times more shine, hair color is instantly enhanced, increased softness

Powermix Force: Ingredients include Vitamin B6 + Biotin.  For fragile hair prone to breakage, this treatment increases protection, softness, shine, and resistance to damage

Powermix Liss: Ingredients includes ProKeratin to smooth the cuticle of rebellious curly hair.  For coarse and frizzy hair, this treatment is anti frizz, detangles instantly, increases shine, increases smoothness, increases softness, and provides 72 hours of humidity protection

Powermix Nutri: Ingredients include Glycerol and Beautifying Polymer to deliver hydration and nutrition for dry hair, undernourished hair.  This treatment instantly nourishes and hydrates hair, and increases softness and shine.


Our artists are available to work on and off site and can help you feel your best for any occasion large or small.

Special Occasion Style    $52-$82

Flower Girl Style              $36-$60

Shampoo and Style         $30-$52


Brow shaping, lip and chin waxing, or full facial waxing create a clean and defined look. All types and color of hair are removed quickly and efficiently. Many guests enjoy the smooth and flawless application of makeup in the weeks following their face waxing appointment.

Brow Shape/Grooming    $18-$32

Lip and Chin Wax            $9-$23

Men's Brow Grooming       $18-$32

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