​​Since 2009, Emerge has been committed to making an impact in the world of beauty, and in our community.  In the world of Beauty:  We are an Aveda Concept Salon, specializing in creating uplifting experiences.  When you come into our store, you are warmly greeted, and offered Aveda’s hot Comforting Tea, or a glass of wine.  Our highly educated Aveda Artists tailor your consultation to focus on your goals, and solve your beauty challenges.  We treat every service with an aromatherapy scalp massage and/or a hand massage, using Aveda’s Vegan/Chemical Free Essential oil compositions and products, so you leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for the world again.

My Story

My name is Erin Watson, and this is my business.  I started with nothing but a bag of tools, a few duck-taped chairs, and a BIG faith.  I left a great job at a high end salon because of what I felt on my heart I was being called to do. 

A few years into turning my blood sweat and tears into growth, I experienced a personal tragedy that halted everything.  Becoming a single mother, working 65+ hours a week, trying to raise a baby on my own while running a business, among several other difficult things, gave me many sleepless and emotional nights.  My world was crashing.  I wasn't sure how we would make it, but I knew we didn't have a choice..  Feeling alone and afraid, I dug my heels in, and rubbed some dirt in it.   

Through this low period in my life, I realized 3 things: I did not love myself as much as I thought I did, that I needed to learn how to love myself truly so I could teach that sense of worth to my sweet daughter, and that not allowing my hardships to define me was my choice.. During the storm, I began with taking care of my body, which turned quickly into nurturing my mind.  I lost over 100 pounds, and post storm, I poured my heart and soul back into the business.  With the help of many others, we now have a whole team of the most loving, talented and passionate people I've ever met; we have grown 20-24% each year for the last three, and an astounding 27% in 2017. 

 I am now remarried to the most genuine, supportive, and loving man in the world, and he loves my baby.  

The point of my story is that through the thick of it, I learned that my mission is to find balance, and learn to create it; for myself, and those around me. For me, this became crucial to the ideals on which I wanted to build this business.  We ALL have storms, and we all have stories. We must encourage.  We must support.  The way I do that best is through my art; and I am passionate AF.  

The last piece I want to leave here, is the most important thing I've learned in my journey, and it's this: when in doubt, Breathe.  The answer is Yes, you can.  <3

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