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My Story

My name is Erin Watson, and I would like to share my story with you, and why I do what I do.  To begin, I opened this salon because of what I felt on my heart God was calling me to do- but I was also a naive, ego driven doe-eyed kid excited to start my own thing.

A few years in, I experienced a personal tragedy that halted everything I was doing, and the progress I had made. Shortly after having my first child, I got divorced.  I lost everything I had: my home, security, savings, and sense of everything good that I knew about the world.  I became completely broke, and as a result had to move myself and my daughter into my parent’s basement.  I was depressed, absolutely swallowed by shame, and my goals went from thriving, to surviving.  

I quickly understood a great need for a support system, self-forgiveness, and a HUGE turnaround on the way I saw myself.  I learned that the things I thought were important weren’t, and the things that weren't important, suddenly were.  It’s complicated to sum up exactly I'm so in love with what I do.. but the biggest 'why' now is because I believe first that everyone deserves to have someone in their corner to support and believe in them.  Second, I don’t believe that appearances should matter in anything, but I DO believe in the impact that feeling good about the way you look can have on your self esteem.  And last, I believe in the understanding that life is messy, but we don’t have to do it alone- you have a stylist out there that loves you.

My last message is from a picture that hangs on my living room wall so I never forget it: "God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing.  All you need is Faith."

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